Common Winter Injuries

Time to Shake Off Winter and Avoid Common Injuries!

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Ah! It’s almost here… SPRING! Are you ready? We are often less physically active during the cold, snowy winter months. Spring arrives and suddenly, we’re weekend warriors tackling yard projects, spring cleaning or participating in fun yet physically demanding spring sports.

Unfortunately, the inactivity during the winter may have led to decreased muscle strength, stiff joints and tight tendons and ligaments. When your musculoskeletal components are in poor shape, they are much more susceptible to injury. Start getting your body ready for warmer, more active weather now with the following focus areas.

Stretching – Flexibility is key to avoiding injury. Stiff, tight tendons and ligaments are easier to pull, over-stretch and tear. A very simple way to increase flexibility is through an all-encompassing exercise program such as yoga. If you aren’t the yoga type, you can YouTube stretching exercises and develop a short routine to practice every morning. Aim to stretch all parts of your body, slowly and gently.

Strength – Resistance training through push-ups, tricep dips, plank pose, lunges, squats and ab work will help increase muscle strength and decrease your susceptibility to injury when you begin using these muscles for spring activities. An area that cannot be emphasized enough is the core. Your local Oak Lawn, IL chiropractor sees plenty of lower back injuries that are directly due to improper use of the lower back in compensation for poor abdominal strength. Leg strength is also important when it comes to proper lifting.

Balance – Exercises such as yoga or exercise ball routines can improve your balance. Why is balance important in preventing injuries? The better balance you have, the less likely you are to experience falls or simply overusing part of your body to compensate for lack of balance. Balance is also important for proper posture. Proper posture helps to avoid structural damage and misalignment of the spine.

For more information on preventing common injuries and athletic injuries, contact your local Oak Lawn, IL chiropractor today for a customized training plan.

By Nathan Ruof D.C.


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