Addicted to Sugar?

Addicted to Sugar?

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People jokingly claim to be addicted to various sweet treats, but a new study printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that there may be some truth to that statement!

Within the study, obese men were given two shakes on two occasions. The only difference between the shakes was the glycemic index; one shake had a high glycemic index and the other shake, a low glycemic index. Glycemic index indicates the level at which blood glucose rises after consuming the food. The higher the glycemic index, the higher the postprandial (eating) blood glucose spike. Overly processed, refined carbohydrates with sugar and very little fiber or protein have high glycemic indexes.

When the participants drank the high glycemic index shake, their blood sugar levels surged and subsequently crashed four hours later at which time, they felt extremely hungry. This was to be expected. The new information here is what the brain scan images showed that were taken at the four hour crash. The imaging showed high activity in a region of the brain involved in addiction called the nucleus accumbens.

This study shows there’s a direct correlation between the types of foods we eat and how the brain reacts. From here, there are a dizzying amount of variables as to how your body will respond. Numerous components are involved including hormone response and neurotransmitter activity. Depending on your body type, your typical diet, your weight, stress levels, general health and more, high glycemic foods may be a large part of your weight problems and food cravings. Chronic systemic inflammation is another major factor in your ability to lose weight. Food allergies are another.

The point is, weight problems are far more complicated than this old myth about “willpower” and dieting. There are many supplements on the market today that can help you win the battle of the bulge by giving you the edge you need to control hunger, metabolism, inflammation and energy levels. Supplementing your diet along with a healthy weight loss and exercise plan might just be what you need to find weight loss and better health.

Call your local Oak Lawn Physical Medicine today and find out how we can help you start down the path to healthy, permanent weight loss!

Lennerz B, Alsop D, Holsen L, Stern E, Rojas R, Ebbeling C, Goldstein J; “Effects of dietary glycemic index on brain regions related to reward and craving in men” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. June 26, 2013

By Nathan Ruof D.C.


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