Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've been pouring concrete for thirty years with a lot of wear and tear on my body, Dr Ruof keeps me working hard and feeling great!"
- Edward P.

"Being a delivery driver caused my back to go out a few times a year stopping me from doing my job for weeks at a time. The staff has had me healthy for months without fail. The results speak for themselves."
- Joe J.

"I hurt my neck and shoulder in a car accident last week, called the clinic and got treatment the same day I called. Very convenient and great first impression!"
- Tim M.

"After being out of work for two weeks due to a back injury Dr. Ruof got me back to work within a week and I continue to improve with his therapies. My job involves heavy labor and I never imagined I would get back to it so quickly!"

- Rich H.

"I called Dr. Ruof's office because I woke with severe pain in my neck and arm and was very worried. The staff got me in that very same day and now I'm back to getting a comfortable night's sleep. Highly recommended for immediate relief!"

- Adam R.

"I found Dr. Ruof online and could not be happier I did. After suffering years of headaches he took X-Rays of my neck and explained that they were coming from my neck and neck muscles. In under two weeks I no longer have daily headaches and feel so much better - I wish I would have found him sooner! Anyone with headaches should talk to this doctor!"

- Stephanie R.


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