Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Natural Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes pain, weakness, numbness and tingling of the wrists, thumb, index and middle fingers. The condition occurs when the median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist becomes compressed due to inflammation, irritation and damage from surrounding tissue.

Women are more likely than men to experience carpal tunnel syndrome. As well, genetics may play a role. For some people, the carpal tunnel may be smaller than in others making it more likely for them to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Other causes include arthritis, fluid retention in pregnancy and poor circulation and swelling seen in diabetics.

Most often, however, carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive motion and strain of the wrists. It is more common in assembly line workers, cleaners, hair stylists and other professions where the wrist in one or both hands is repeating the same motion. Using a keyboard, mouse or even game controllers may also play a role in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who ride bicycles on a regular basis may also develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

A medical doctor will most often begin treatment for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome utilizing anti-inflammatories, pain medications, wrist braces and rest. This can be problematic as anti-inflammatories tend to hamper the body’s natural healing response and wrist braces can cause stiffness and decreased motion of the wrists and hands. Rest is not always possible for those with carpal tunnel syndrome unless a job change is possible.

For those who do not see improvement with the above treatment modality, steroid injections may be prescribed or worse, surgery. Steroid injections offer temporary relief, but the symptoms will most likely return. Carpal tunnel syndrome can result in permanent damage to the median nerve and atrophy of the wrist muscles as well as the muscle on the palm side at the base of the thumb.

Natural chiropractic treatments for carpal tunnel include full examination and evaluation of the current damage followed by a modalities to naturally decrease inflammation and improve the healing environment. Some of these treatments may include massage and vibrational therapy along with exercises to increase strength of the muscles.

Another treatment option for more severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome are natural botanical injections that help reduce inflammation and improve healing time with the natural healing properties of plants. Traumeel and Sarapin are both natural botanical injections that can relieve the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as promote and speed healing.

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By Nathan Ruof D.C.


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