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Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain is a common reason patients seek chiropractic care. There are many causes of shoulder pain and proper chiropractic evaluation is necessary to determine a customized chiropractic treatment plan for the cause of your shoulder pain.

Often times, shoulder pain is referred pain from a problem in the neck or back. Stress and tension can cause or exacerbate shoulder pain. Cervical degeneration is common in aging, especially if there is a history of even minor neck injuries. Lost range of motion in the neck as well as impinged nerves can lead to pain that radiates to the shoulders. Whiplash is another condition that can lead to shoulder pain. Upper back muscle, tendon or ligament strains and sprains can also lead to referred pain felt in one or both shoulders.

Pain in the shoulders is also commonly caused from a direct injury, arthritic or inflammatory condition of the shoulder joint itself. A rotator cuff tear can be extremely painful. In the most severe cases when the tendon separates from the bone, surgery may be required. For less severe injuries, chiropractic care can encourage the healing process, offer pain relief and offset further injury or degeneration of the shoulder joint.

Bursitis and rotator cuff tendinitis are usually the result of repetitive strain from repeated motions at work or sport. In both cases, painful inflammation can decrease range of motion and make lifting, stretching and reaching difficult. Many patients complain of a deep ache that keeps them awake at night or after any length of inactivity of the shoulder joint. Although not as common as hip or knee arthritis, shoulder arthritis can also occur.

Acute injuries of the shoulder and upper arm include an A/C tear (tear of the acromio-clavicular ligament), labral tear or a biceps tendon rupture. Of course, the shoulder can be dislocated or become unstable due to trauma. Instability can also occur over time as a result of degeneration and inflammation of the shoulder joint.

Frozen shoulder is caused by lack of motion and it can be a frightening experience. Frozen shoulder can occur after shoulder surgery or even during recovery without surgery if the shoulder joint is not properly moved. During this time, it’s important to follow your surgeon’s recommendations on either physical therapy or chiropractic follow-up.

After your evaluation, a custom chiropractic treatment plan can be determined. Initially, we’ll work towards pain relief and reduced inflammation to maximize the healing process. In follow-up appointments there are many treatment options such as trigger point therapy or natural botanical injections to facilitate healing. Please call your local Oak Lawn, IL chiropractor today to find out more about shoulder pain and chiropractic care.

By Jeffrey Hoekstra D.C.


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