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Tired of corticosteroid injections? Are they even working for you anymore? Corticosteroid injections are often used to reduce inflammation in chronic musculoskeletal and joint related issues. Unfortunately, they are costly, ineffective over time and, they carry some danger of side effects.

Corticosteroid injections can lead to thinning of the joint cartilage. They may weaken the ligaments of the joint. Moreover, corticosteroid injections can actually increase inflammation in the joint because of a crystallization reaction.

Instead, there are now natural injections that can be used for healing musculoskeletal injuries safely yet effectively. The most popular natural injections include Traumeel, Zeel and Sarapin.

Traumeel is often used for muscle, ligament and tendon strains and sprains. Traumeel injections contain plant and mineral extracts. When an injury occurs, inflammation takes place. This is the body’s natural healing process, but often times, inflammation becomes out of control and causes further problems in the soft tissue. Traumeel naturally reduces inflammatory cytokines and reduces inflammation to encourage healing.

Zeel is often used for arthritis. It is a homeopathic blend of the healing plants Rhustoxicodendron, Dulcamara, Sanguinaria, Symphytum and Arnica. In arthritis, there is a metabolic disruption in the joint that causes an imbalance and resulting inflammation as well as the degeneration of the joint components including connective tissue. Zeel injections help restore balance and offer arthritis patients relief. They also help protect the joint from further damage.

Sarapin is used in trigger point therapy. Trigger points are areas surrounding nerve endings where waste has accumulated following an injury. The irritated nerve ending is painful and can also cause radiating pain or deferred pain. Sarapin is derived from the Pitcher plant and it works naturally towards ceasing the overactive pain signals at the trigger point.

The best part of these natural, biological injections is that unlike cortisone, they have no adverse side effects. Call Oak Lawn Pain and Wellness and Ruof Chiropractic today to schedule an exam and find out if Traumeel, Zeel or Sarapin are right for your injury or chronic pain condition.

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